Albuquerque, New Mexico is the land of enchantment! It’s a notorious place for many reasons. It’s a long-standing isolated desert city that boasts the most murders in the state, car thefts in the country and the backdrop for infamous tv show depicting drugs and violence in the city called Breaking Bad. This cultural influence of the city becomes part of a person here. As with any tragedy, great art is displayed in response.

Xilla is an artist who has been diligent in building his catalog with quality and natural style. His debut called “YUCCA” served us as an appetizer for what was to come and gave us a glimpse into the Southwest region Hip-Hop scene. With thousands of new songs being released everyday it’s hard to make a standout impression. From the first listen it’s apparent that Xilla has been a student of the game for a long time, and it reflects in his music. 

We see him as an emcee with great care for his work, which he continues to demonstrate. Each track is an explorative endeavor giving us a glimpse into his life and growing up in the “Duke City,” speaking on matters that only one can relate to through experience. It is no surprise that Xilla landed an “Artist to Watch” feature inside this year’s “XXL Magazine Freshman 22′ issue. His follow up project “Gothika” has been teased through his social media gearing his fans up for the 4th quarter release of 2022.