Over the past decade, Lil Nyne has been one of the most influential artists thriving at the forefront of the independent scene, building a legacy of music that seamlessly fuses the past roots of classic R&B with a modern-day Electro twist that makes it perfect for the present day.  Representing Lake City, FL, and destined for a date with worldwide fame, every move that Lil Nyne has made towards the spotlight has been as significant as it has been essential, and he’s about to prove he’s second to none this year.

Returning with his brand-new EP called Young N Ready on every major music platform this March 23rd, the soulful vocals and sensory songwriting of Lil Nyne is about to make its biggest impact ever.  Over the course of five of his very best tracks to-date, he’ll take you on a genuine journey from the heart of love & the innate beauty of intimacy, straight through to the uncontrollable urge to bang it out loud with that special someone.  As addictive as it is irresistible, and as evocative as it is entertaining, Young N Ready is stocked & loaded from start to finish with single-worthy sound, insatiable hooks and unforgettable vibes designed to turn good times into great ones when the lights turn low.  From the sensual to the sexual, Lil Nyne has crafted an epic set of five new songs that reveal his undeniable charisma, indelible charm, and passion that echoes from the lefts to the rights – Young N Ready is guaranteed to bring the heat to your speakers & steam its way up straight to the top spots on charts & playlists of listeners around the globe.

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