Queens, NY artist, Gianna Milani veers slightly from her Hip Hop roots to give audiences a softer, more sultry side in her music video for her new single “PLEASER.” Through her bold, explicit lyrics, Gianna Milani expresses how her man knows how to please, touch and tease her.  She exudes sensuous bedroom vibes throughout the video which is sure to ignite all 5 senses.

Gianna Milani demonstrates her unforgettable melodies and explosive vocals on “PLEASER.” The song is rhythmic and alluring. “PLEASER” is sure to appeal to fans of music around the globe. She effortlessly shifts her voice and delivery into the beat so that it acts as an additional instrument within the track.

Gianna Milani is definitely the one to watch!

Check out “PLEASER” video on YouTube and connect with Gianna Milani below.

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