According BDS Nielson, ‘Watch The Crown The Trilogy’ has proven to be a dominant figure on streaming services. The album has already close to 500,000 streams and downloads on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Pandora. It has also charted #2 in Canada and #20 in the US. This is not huge numbers for a major artist with a major push, but Drucci’s EP is independent which is a huge win for him. The single ‘Get A Bag’ has been added on radio stations through out the southern region and is on pace to hit billboard. The project has 2 features one with female rapper Money Baby Xo and the other features Atlanta’s mega rapper 2 Chains. If you haven’t already, check the new EP which is on all streaming platforms as well as the music video for ‘Get The Bag’ which is on Vevo.

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