Well, Texas peculiar rapper Joe Kane is not really a new artist by definition. He has consistently grown since his “Twenty One Gunz” mixtape released back in 2005.

Most of his tracks perform the narrow balancing act between old-school and new-school Hip Hop, which he has pushed forward with as he strengthens his musical empire. Most recently, rapper Joe Kane released his chart-topping album dubbed “PO$$UM” which sold over 4,000 copies in its first week and also debuted at #31 on the Spotify Top 100 Chart. The album is a pursue to his “Keep Houston Screwed” mixtape that he dropped only three months earlier.

Speaking of his mixtape: After just a few streams, you can hardly get those concise adlibs out of your ear. Next to the best, Joe Kane always gives you that sound which is particularly fun due to subtle allusions. It’s no doubt that his discography is the typical mood maker for so many Hip Hop fans around the world. The gifted rapper is signed to Calikid Records / Universal Music Group and has his eyes always focused on his next project. We are looking forward to seeing what awaits us in this promising year!

Learn more about Joe Kane by visiting www.joekanemusic.com